Say Goodbye to the Gawker Newsfeed

Max Read · 03/02/15 10:50AM

Heads up: At or around 11:00 a.m. today (Monday, March 2), we're re-merging the Gawker Newsfeed with the front page. The old Newsfeed URL will redirect to, and posts that were previously published or shared to Newsfeed will now be shared to the front page instead.

Max Read · 01/14/15 07:49AM

Heads up to regular commenters: Sometime this week the Gawker Media tech team will give us a head start on following people for the new sections by migrating the main page's "follow list" to each sub-blog (with the exception of the Vane and Valleywag, which have well-defined communities and more closely moderating bloggers). I'm hoping this will assuage some frustrations with and doubts about the Slow Gawker system.

We Have a New Masthead

Max Read · 01/13/15 08:07AM

Having finally gotten fed up with that ancient (2010?) advertising video, I wrote a new masthead post/about page that will hopefully be useful to new readers or visitors looking for information.

The 100 Most Popular Gawker Posts of 2014

Max Read · 12/31/14 09:00AM

Sex, death, plastic surgery, cussing, and mozzarella sticks: These were Gawker's most popular posts this year*, by number of unique visitors as judged by Google Analytics.

Gawker 2015

Max Read · 12/19/14 11:46AM

As part of our end-of-year process, all Gawker Media site leads were asked to submit planning memos for the next year. In the interests of transparency, here's mine.

Welcome to Sausage, a Blog About How Gawker Is Made

Max Read · 11/25/14 10:51AM

The process of writing, editing, and publishing things for a large audience tends to be much more haphazard than either our detractors or fans think, and more messy that we'd all like to let on, at both glossy prestigious magazines and at charmingly amateurish blogs [broad wink].